Media training in Istanbul

May 12, 2016. Stober, Poltavets & Associates.

Media training in Istanbul Ivan Poltavets, managing partner at Stober Poltavets & Associates and Umut Eğitimci, Turkey PR Associate, provided a private media training for their corporate customer, an international corporation, in Istanbul. The training aimed to teach how to handle media opportunities in a way that prevent challenges from turning into a crisis, and empower the company’s team members with the confidence and knowledge that needed to survive today's media landscape. 

At the media training, Ivan Poltavets and Umut Egitimci made presentations that aimed to help the client with one major goal: making them look confident on TV and getting the exact messages and quotes the company wants in the final, edited, stories. The training also provided information on shaping a simple, 3-part, 30-second message, no matter how complicated the subject matter is. At the end of the informative sessions, the demonstration part featured one-on-one videotaped sessions with trial interviews.

Stober Poltavets & Associates provides varying levels of media training for front line employees to CEOs of international companies and load it with fresh, relevant and engaging examples of the right and wrong way to protect your company brand. With almost 20 years of TV, radio, newspaper & magazine experience, the Stober Poltavets team is able to provide tips, tricks of the trade and even simulate live interviews to help the client take advantage of their media opportunities.


Swedish Chamber of Commerce for Russia & CIS annual meeting

April 15, 2016. Stober, Poltavets & Associates.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce for Russia & CIS annual meeting On April 14th 2016 the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for Russia & CIS held its annual meeting in Stockholm gathering some 150 business and political representatives from companies with investments in the region. Stober, Poltavets & Associates is a member and was represented by its partner Marcus Stober.

The event provided for an overview of the macro political- and economical situation in the region and gave some unique hands-on insights from businesses such as RusForest and from the Swedish diplomatic community. The keynote speech was given by former Ukrainian Minister of Economy Mr. Aivaras Abromavicius who gave a background to reforms implemented so far but he also shared his candid views about the current political situation in the country.


Kyiv Post Capturing new markets conference

March 30, 2016. Stober, Poltavets & Associates.

Kyiv Post Capturing new markets conference On March 29th, 2016 Ivan Poltavets - managing partner at Stober Poltavets & Associates attended the Kyiv Post capturing new markets conference held in Kyiv. As Ukraine stands at a cross-roads between continued push for internal reforms and reform fatigue, expansion into new foreign markets can be a profitable strategy for Ukrainian businesses.

The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement concluded with the European Union is an important instrument for advancing Ukrainian exports into EU but also other important markets such as Turkey, Middle East and Northern Africa were discussed at the forum.

Stober, Poltavets & Associates partner Ivan Poltavets commented the event saying that  ”events such as these are great opportunities to network and discuss opportunities both with local and foreign business” moreover ”our company with representation in Kyiv and in Istanbul is well placed to assist both Turkish and Ukrainian businesses alike,” he concluded.